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About Barnet Council

The Council

We are the largest London Borough by population with an estimated 397,000 inhabitants. We also cover an area of 86.74 square kilometres, making us the fourth largest London Borough by area. We border: Hertfordshire to the north; Harrow and Brent to the west; Camden and Haringey to the south-east; and, Enfield to the east. 

Based on 2010 projections we were expecting our population to reach 390,000 by the end of the decade. According to the GLA our population in 2018 was estimated to have reached 397,000 so we have already exceeded all our expectations. This has provided opportunities for growth and development, as well as the challenge for planning and commissioning services for an increasing population. So we are proud to be ranked 2nd highest in the country for pupil attainment in our schools and have built the most homes across London during 2017/18 in response to those challenges and opportunities.

The council run a range of services for residents using a mixed economy of in house delivery and commissioned or outsourced services. The Council has recently in sourced its Strategic HR and Finance functions from Capita, though some transactional HR services remain with Capita.

Our residents enjoy living in a green borough. Being in outer London, we have the benefits of a green environment, access to the centre of London , as well as the rest of the country. We are connected by London Underground, suburban train services to the north of London and surrounding areas, a motorway and ease to Heathrow and Standstead airports.

What are we here to do?

The Council’s Corporate Plan - Barnet 2024 - sets our vision and strategy for the next five years. This includes outcomes we want to achieve for the borough, the priorities we will focus limited resources on, and our approach for how we will deliver these.

Our three outcomes for the borough focus on place, people and communities:

  • A pleasant, well maintained borough that we protect and invest in
  • Our residents live happy, healthy, independent lives with the most vulnerable protected
  • Safe and strong communities where people get along well.

The council structure

The council is structured under a Council Management Team, led by the Chief Executive and comprised of the Deputy Chief Executive, Director of Finance (and Section 151 Officer), Director of Assurance, Director of Public Health and three Executive Directors who cover the full range of Council services.

You can view the Corporate Organisation Chart here

Political Composition

The Council has 21 wards with 63 Councillors across the borough. In 2014, the Council returned to a Committee System of governance, with the focus on theme committees working with Council Directors to oversee delivery of the Corporate Plan.

The Council is elected every four years, the last time being in May 2018 resulting in a Conservative administration. The breakdown is:

Conservative: 38
Labour: 24
Independent: 1

Barnet Councillors are keen to take an interest in every aspect of our work. Being transparent is important to them. There is a high degree of accountability for officers, and an active community engaged in local issues.